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Animal and plants

information about animals and plants in the basque country;

In the Basque Country, is a special  type of sheep called "Latxa". This sheep gives a very good milk, and then this milk is use for making a very good cheese. In the Basque Country, is a kind of pony called Pottoka. This horse is usually 1.15 m large. The shepherds usually have animals in their farms, like pigs, horses, sheeps, or cows. To keep all the sheeps, they have a special type of dog called "Artzain txakurra" (Shepherd's dog).



The environment is very green, and wet. There are a lot of trees; for example, oaks or pines. The Basque Country has a lot of mountains and rivers. Next yo the rivers, are grown some plants called "Iratzea". On the south of the Basque Country, is a lot of corn and sunflowers. A long time ago, the sunflowers were used for putting in the doors of the houses, and in this way, the people was saved from the witches.




infomation about animals and plants in Friesland.

In Friesland many people lives in farms, with cows, piggs and chickens. We have a special kind of horses called "shetland pony's'' and Friese paarden. we have also special kind of dogs called ''Friese stabij'' and the ''wetter hûn''. These dogs are very alert. They are good for watching your house. They are good sheepdogs. A tipicle Friesian bird is the kievit. Each year they're going to search for eggs.





In Friesland it is very wet because it's raining the whole day. There are a lot of threes and plants. Many potatoes were growing in Friesland. Many carrots, beans and onions came from Friesland; like the brown onions and the Friesian bean ( gradening bean).  What is tipicle Dutch is the pompeblêd. It's also in the Friesian flag. And of course typical Dutch is the tulip.

















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