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Historical events and persons

Historical events and persons

1) Historical events from Fryslân:

       - Queensday


    - Kneppelfreed 1951, They we're fighting for our language: Fries, after that Fries became the language of Fryslân.

2) Historical events from the Basque Country:

     - While Franco was dictating he forbid speaking Basque in the Basque Country, so no one could speak it. But some people spoke it hidding at home.

     - Nowadays  we celebrate feasts related to the History of it. For example, Donostia's Tamborrada, that it means drums of San Sebastian; Irun's Alardea that it's called San Marcial.

     - Every year on 25th of April we go to the mountain or to the beach to eat a cake that it's called opilla.


 3) Persons of Fryslân:

    - Sipke Jan Bousema, he's a presentator.

    - Sven Kramer, he's an ice skater. 

    - Tsjitske Reidinga, she's an actress (Gooische Vrouwen).

    -  Willem IV van Oranje Nassau  (1711-1751)

    - Twarres, a music band.

4) Historical persons of the Basque Country:

       - karlos Arguiñano, he's a famous chef from the Basque Country, he has got a TV programe.

     - Juan José Ibarretxe, he was the lehendakari that it means president of the Basque Country.

      - Mikel Laboa, he was a famous singer and music composer.

      - Iñaki Perurena, he's a stone lifter. It's a typical sport in the Basque Country.

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