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How to make a wiki

 In this wiki we give you some tips how you can make a wiki. 

If you have your subject, first start with making chapters. Then you can start writing. Take a good look at what kind of layout you want to use. There are all kinds of options in the menu. For example:

  • Numbered or bulleted list (as we have used here)
  • bold, italic, underline
  • text or background color


If you want to insert a picture, follow the steps below:
* Click at the button
Insert/Edit Image
* Browse Server
* New Folder
* Save and Close
* Click at your folder

* upload a picture
* click at the picture
* OK

You can tell the computer to show a word or a picture on the wiki as a link. This means that when we click on the link with our computer mouse, the computer will show us the new page we want to see. A lot of links are blue, and look like this, but a link can be any color. 

In this wiki we used two different kinds of links.

  1. At the top of this page you could click on the word wiki. You were redirected to a page about the word wiki.
    If you want to use this in your wiki, follow the next steps:
    * copy your browser
    * go to the wiki where you want to redirect to
    * copy the browser
    * go back to the first page
    * select the word you want to use as link and click at    (Insert/Edit Link)
    * beneath URL you paste the adress of the wiki you want to direct to
    * close with OK
  2. You can link a word at a website. For example: if you click at the word wikipedia you are redirected to the website of wikipedia. If you want to use this, follow the next steps:
    * select the word you want to use
    * click at
    * beneath URL you typ the name of the website

    * close with OK

It is really important that you save your wiki regularly.
Click at the button save and make a copy in Word!

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