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Literature and writers


Literature and Writers.
Writers from the Basque Country
1.     Bernardo Atxaga: He was born in Asteasu (Basque Country). His first text was published in 1972, and it was about Basque authors. He has written plays, song lyrics, novels and short stories. His book of short stories, which is very famous in the Basque Country and in Spain, was published in 1988. It name was Obabakoak, and this book gave him much fame and several prizes, such as Spain's National Literature Prize. So far, the book has been translated into more than 20 languages.
         Bernard Etxepare: He was a Basque writer of the 16th century, most famous for a collection of poems titled Linguæ Vasconum Primitiæ ("Beginnings of the Basque Language"). He published this book in 1545, which was the first book to be published in the Basque language.
     Joseba Sarrionandia: He was born in Lurreta (Basque Country) in 1958. He is a Basque writer, but he also is a member of the independentist Basque separatist group ETA. Police arrested him because of being a member of ETA, but some years later he escaped from prison. Since then he has lived in secret as he continues writing.
writers from Fryslân.
   Nynke van Hichtum: She was born in the Frisian town Nes in 1860, She was a dutch and Frisian writer wich wrote a lot of Fairytales. The book Afke's tiental made her famous around Fryslân.
    Arjan Hut: he was born in Drachten in  1976. He is a writer of spacey stories. His first book was Nachtswimmers(2004) it was a diarybook.
There isn't much information about this writer.
 Durk van der ploeg: He was born in Aalsum in 1930. He started working at a newspaper. He stopped working in 1990 and from then he was fully working on books. But his first book is from 1968 : In man en in minske .And his first collection of books came out in 1996 it was called: gjin plak op ierde.
Basque literature:
 Actually, Basque literature hasn't got a long tradition such as Spanish or French have. That's because until XIX. century Basque language wasn't unified and there were so many dialects. Also, people thought that Basque couldn't be written like other languages, and because that fact the first book which was written in Basque was quite late, in 1514. Its name was Linguae Vasconum Primitiae and it was written by Bernard Etxepare. After some years, Basque different dialects were unified by the creation of a institution called Euskaltzaindia. That was the first step to start Basque literature.
Frisian literature
You can see 3 periods in the frisian literature history. to know:
  • The Oudfriese period (until about. 1400)
  • The Middelfriese period (at about. 1400-1800)
  • The Nieuwfriese period (from about. 1800)
 The oudfriese period uses the verry first version of the frisian language and the other two are a little newer. In Fryslân we have a foundation called "it fryske boek" This foundation wants to keep the frisian literature .

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