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Music and musicians

Basque: There are a lot of musicians in the Basque Country but the traditional ones are:

Benito Lertxundi: He plays the Spanish guitar and at the same time he sings alone. All his songs are traditional and the topyc is usually love. Some people says that he is very boring.

Mikel Laboa: He was one of the most important song writers in the Basque Country. His music influenced younger generations. His songs are more modern but at the same time traditional. He did a lot of things for save the Basque language.

They aren't popular for teenagers because they listen  international and nowadays music but they listen basque music groups too like:"Ken zazpi", "Su ta gar", "Berri txarrak".....

Ken zazpi: It is a group that it is composed by five boys. Their songs are pop music. It's very popular for teenagers.

Su ta gar: There are three boys in this group. They play heavy metal music.

Berri txarrak ( bad news): They are alternative rock group. Their songs are very popular and famous.

 There is another type of music called "Bertsolaritza". It's a special type of poems that are in Basque. There are a lot of cometitions that consist on improvising a short or long poems and Bertsolaria ( the person who sings this poems) sings. The topyc is always about love, family and sometimes they criticize something. There are a lot of Bertsoliriak but the most popular are: Maialen Lujanbio (she's won the competition of this year), Sustrai Colina...


                 Maialen Lujanbio                                                                                                                   Sustrai Colina


Fryslân: This are some musicians from Fryslân:

- De kast: It's a frysk group of five mans

members of De kast are:

Syb van der ploeg, he is the singer. Peter van der ploeg, he is on the guitar. Kees bode, he is playing the piano. Sytse broersma, he plays bass and he sings. Nico outhuijse, he plays the drums and he sings some thimes.

they have become famous by there song: in nije dei , in 1997.


 - Piter Wilkens: He's a singer a gitar player a componist and a songwriter.

first he was a member of the group: Okke Hel, and in 1986 he went to go solo.


 -Twarres: It is a frysk duo of: Mirjam Timmer and Joost bloemendaal. First it was a duo of Mirjam and Johan van der veen.




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